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Midtrade International has come a long way since point of inception, and as a team, we are proud of the progress we’ve accomplished over the years. Through our strong connections and meaningful interactions, we have been able to thrive in difficult conditions and continue to experience growth. We look forward to years of success, inspiration and gratitude with our existing relationships and new ventures.

Mamoun Hassouneh

Founder & CEO

About Us

Midtrade International is an industry leader in the trading and distribution of fertilizers and raw commodities. Our expertise primarily focuses on shipping, bagging & handling through our subsidiaries and trusted partnerships around the world. With over 30 years in industry experience, we’ve contributed to the development of the fertilizer community while building a solid team to partner with you along the way.

At Midtrade, we take pride in ensuring our partnerships are strong, our services exceed expectations and our customers are always satisfied. By having the right expertise in logistics and product quality, our goal is to ensure a seamless transaction when our products exchange hands.

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